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The Open University Business Management and Development Board was formed based on Chancellor Decree Number 2275 / UN31 / 2015. The main task of the Open University BPPU is to manage and develop and utilize the economic potential of all assets, facilities and resources in the Open University environment.

The Open University Business Management and Development Agency which is usually called the Open University Business Center has 3 (three) main divisions, namely the Public Service Facilities Division and the Education and Training Division (Training Institute), and the Bookstore.

The General Services Facilities Division provides accommodation services (lodging), assembly rooms, sports facilities, and other large activities (seminars, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, graduations, weddings, gatherings, etc.).

The Training Institute Division provides training programs and consultancy services to agencies, institutions, or the general public who need them. The training offered includes Training on Instructional Technical Skills (PEKERTI) and Applied Approach (AA), Assessment of Learning Outcomes, Learning Evaluation, Textbook Development, Development of Exam Question Items, Development of Online Teaching Materials, and Development of Learning Media. The Training Institute also offers professional training such as competency improvement service training for the general public, government and private sector employees, such as Financial Responsibility training, Medium Term Development Plans, Development of Work Development Plans, Village Government Administration, School Accounting, Libraries and Archives.

The Open University Bookstore Division provides convenience for prospective buyers, because purchases can be made online or offline by coming directly to the Open University headquarters. Types of books that can be obtained at the Open University bookstore include textbooks, and non-teaching material books. Print and digital National / Regional / International Symposium / Conference / Seminar Organizer.